Dr. Dre spoke on Kevin Hart’s chat show Hart to Heart and discussed the current state of hip-hop, indicating that he isn’t a fan of most of what is being created.

“Anyone who is talking about the state of Hip Hop right now from a negative perspective sounds like somebody’s fuckin’ grandfather,” Dre stated. “That’s exactly what it is. Hip Hop is changing. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, you understand?”

But what exactly does Dr. Dre dislike? “I’m keeping it 100 percent with you.” I don’t like some of this garbage, and most of it. I don’t listen to much of that nonsense. But I’m not against it. I’ll never dislike it. These kids are making do with what they have.”

During the conversation, Dr. Dre also praised Kendrick Lamar, calling him a “forever artist.”

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“Kendrick Lamar is a real motherfucking artist, the true definition of the word,” Dr. Dre added. “I can only take credit for opening the door.” He’s taken care of everything else for himself. Dave Free and him.”

He went on to say, “He’s one of those artists we call a ‘forever artist.'” He can hide for five years and then reappearance to screw our brains up.”

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