Jennifer Lawrence said that working with Jonah Hill on the Netflix hit Don’t Look Up was “really, really hard.”

The movie came out in 2021 and is about two astronomers who have to tell everyone about a coming comet that could destroy Earth. Many people found scary parallels between the movie and real life after it came out.

But Lawrence had to get through some parts that were really hard.

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The 33-year-old actor talked about what it was like to film the dark comedy with Hill. Other stars in the movie include Chris Evans, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Timothée Chalamet.

In the movie, Lawrence plays astronomer Kate Dibiasky. She said that Hill’s character, Jason Orlean, is “the worst,” and it was hard not to “ruin” every take when shooting with Hill.

Lawrence told Vanity Fair in February that Hill’s character is not only the son of the president but also “chief of staff,” which some people might see as favoritism.

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Lawrence said, “It was really, really hard to film with Jonah and not laugh during take after take.” One time, he spent the whole day making up insults to say to me.

“It was amazing.”

The actress said that many of Hill’s lines were not planned ahead of time. She also said that she believes Hill and “Meryl” were the only ones who should be able to do that kind of improv, even though the whole group was involved.

“I mean, Hill is a master; he’s a comedic master.” “We all did some improv, but not as well as Jonah,” Lawrence said.

In a scene that wasn’t in the script, Hill’s character tells Lawrence and DiCaprio to “sit tight and assess.”

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“The sit tight comes first then you’ve got to digest it, that’s the assessment period,” says Hill.

Lawrence thinks, “See? It wasn’t in the plan for that, Jonah.”

The official synopsis for the movie directed by Adam McKay says, “Two astronomers go on a media tour to warn people about a comet that is hurtling toward Earth and will destroy it.”

“The response from a distracted world: Meh.”

Lawrence said that she thought the movie was “a really fun, hilarious way to laugh at ourselves” when asked what she wanted people to take away from it.

The Hunger Games star, on the other hand, said that the “biggest thing” people should learn from the movie is “to stop handling information the way we do now, where there’s like the truth and science and then politics or that kind of thing.”

“You know, we should all just be on the same page about” taking care of the Earth and people, Lawrence said.

“World peace would be my hope.”


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