According to documents seen by TMZ, Tony Hawk’s son and Kurt Cobain’s daughter are now legally wed.

In 2022, Riley Hawk, the famous skateboarder, and Frances Bean Cobain, the legendary rock star’s daughter, revealed their relationship.

In January of that year, Cobain first confirmed the connection by posting on Instagram, confirming the long-rumored relationship.

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As is customary at the beginning of a new year, Cobain posted a number of pictures from the year prior, some of which included Hawk.

In one photo, he was holding a little dog and seated in front of a Christmas tree, grinning broadly.

The other photo features Hawk and Cobain snuggling close to Tony and his spouse, Catherine Goodman.

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Hawk commented on the post, saying, “Happy new year, my love!” Proof that when it’s on the ‘gram, it really is official.

When fans learned that the two were a couple, they were overjoyed. One fan wrote: “If they had a child, their grandparents would be two of the biggest icons from the nineties.” Crazy.”

“Well, this is actually good news for humanity,” said someone else.

A third person added: “Daughter of the most nineties dude ever is dating the son of the second most nineties dude ever.”

After taking a year off from social media, Cobain returned to Instagram at the moment, and her fans were “happy” to have her back.

Big news for Cobain and Hawk, however, is that they recently were married in Los Angeles after obtaining a marriage license in September, according to records that TMZ was able to obtain.

According to the well-known couple’s marriage license, the ceremony was performed on October 7 by a fairly well-known person.

According to TMZ, it’s Michael Stipe of R.E.M., not one of the couple’s well-known parents.

But there’s a past relationship: Stipe was Cobain’s godfather.

Cobain and Hawk are thought to have been dating since at least January 2021.

This marks Cobain’s second marriage; in March 2016, she filed for divorce from her previous spouse, musician Isaiah Silva.

They ended their romance after less than two years of marriage, and their tumultuous divorce included a custody battle over one of Kurt’s guitars.


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