Although screensavers have existed for as long as any of us can remember, what is their true function?

Some screensavers have even gone viral over time, like the one with the DVD logo that keeps bouncing around the screen until it almost reaches the corner.

People would even gather and watch the screen for hours on end, cheering as the blob nearly rounded the corner, because the screensaver had gotten that bad.

We don’t really need much to be entertained, do we?

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Well, screensavers do more than just make people laugh; they have a very important function.

The Lenovo website states that a screensaver is a crucial computer application that works to shield text or images on a computer monitor from harm while they are displayed simultaneously.

Screen savers usually show up when a gadget boots up, as we all know, but we have been inactive for far too long.

Since most devices only allow for optional screensavers, not everyone utilizes them. Nevertheless, utilizing them on your more expensive products has a lot of advantages.

The Lenovo website describes how ‘burn-in,’ or the phenomenon of an image remaining on a monitor for an extended period of time and producing patterns due to ‘phosphor fatigue,’ can be avoided by utilizing a screensaver.

It appears that this may eventually result in discoloration and a reduction in the device’s overall image quality.

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A slightly lighter side advantage of employing a screensaver is that it offers a great deal of amusement even when you’re not using the gadget.

Obviously, the ability to conceal your online activities from family members and coworkers is the last advantage of owning one.

Over the years, a common worry concerning screensavers is whether or not they slow down technology.

Well, the Lenovo website says that this is actually a myth.

“Having an active screen saver could help improve performance if your computer is running slowly by reducing power usage for certain parts like video cards or CPUs,” the explanation reads.

This implies that when nothing needs to be done, they won’t have to exert as much effort to maintain things operating at full speed.

“Ultimately, they don’t directly increase speeds, but they certainly won’t slow them down either so it’s worth looking into setting one up if yours hasn’t already got one installed.”


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