‘Honestly, Nevermind,’ Drake’s just released seventh album, has garnered praise from J. Cole, who calls it “phenomenal.”

Last Friday (June 17), just hours after the Canadian rapper revealed it in an Instagram post, Drake’s surprise seventh album was released. As the follow-up to ‘Certified Lover Boy’ from the previous year, ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ saw Drake make a significant stylistic change and has proven to be a somewhat polarizing release.

Some praised the creative venture into an LP full of club music, while others criticised it for being too unlike Drake’s previous efforts. One fan – whose comment received over 4,000 likes – wrote on Twitter: “The drake album isn’t house enough for any house heads and not rap enough for any of the rap heads lmaoooo”.

Cole was among the album’s fans, writing in his Instagram story: “Man. This Album is phenomenal. Point blank.”

Cole also praised the record in a recent selfie he took with a fan. Cole demonstrated that he was listening to “Honestly, Nevermind” by holding his phone in the fan’s photograph.

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In a video at what appeared to be an album release party, Drake himself appeared to respond to criticism of his most recent work by saying: “It’s all good if you don’t get it yet. All is well. We carry out that. We wait for you to catch up in that way.

Kyann-Sian Williams gave the album “Honestly, Nevermind” three stars and noted that it “surprises in numerous ways” and “has all the makings of a summer smasher.”

“‘Honestly, Nevermind’ is an unexpected elevation from the bland trap, R&B remakes and Drake’s melancholic attitude to love we heard last time around.”

Drake has already hinted to his upcoming body of work, despite just releasing “Honestly, Nevermind” a few days ago. In the first episode of his SiriusXM program, Table For One, he announced, “I got another ‘Scary Hours’ pack coming.” “With the ‘Scary Hours’ pack, I’m going to slap some head tops off. This crap is awesome.