In another win for right-to-repair campaigners, Samsung has partnered with Apple in giving users who want to repair their phones the option to do it at home, the company announced.

The ability to do so will first be available for Galaxy S20 and S21 phones and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. Service will begin in the summer. This will be a gradual process, with cracked screens, broken backs, and shoddy display ports going to be on the list for replacement first. While Samsung plans to add more devices, later on, it’s unclear if it will extend this to more complex things like cameras. Once the self-repair program is launched, customers will be able to receive spare parts, repair tools, and repair instructions. In the meantime, still, have access to same-day repair through Samsung Authorized Repair Centers.

“At Samsung, we’re creating more ways for consumers to extend the lifespan of our products with premium care experiences,” said Ramon Gregory, senior vice president of customer care at Samsung Electronics America. “Availability of self-repair will provide our consumers the convenience and more options for sustainable solutions.”

The company has partnered with iFixit on this project, but the exact method has not been revealed at the time of writing. It says that more information will follow as the program is released. Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, said: “Every time you repair a device, you are helping the planet.”

In 2021, Apple also announced a similar imitation of the iPhone. This allows users to comfortably repair their iPhone 12 and 13 series at home and return parts, tools, and manuals.

With Apple and Samsung on the self-healing train, it’s a win for Right to Repair activists who have always pointed out the waste of throwing away fully serviceable smartphones. At the same time, global pressure on repair rights is increasing and governments are beginning to get involved. As Apple speculated, Samsung may simply be ahead of potential regulations. Whatever the motive, it remains commendable.