When Steve-O and Prince first met, Prince was a “dick” to him, according to the Jackass star.

On Steve-Wild O’s Ride podcast, the prankster said that he met Prince for the first time while attending a party with his girlfriend.

“When I first met someone, I used to routinely perform stunts for them if I really wanted to impress them,” Steve-O explained.

“So I said Prince, ‘Oh, let me show you this fantastic trick.’ I’m going to balance this drink on my head and then drink it with my hands free.’ I lay down on the ground and use my knees and teeth to pick up the drink off my head… ‘Does this impress you?’ he asks my girlfriend, in a condescending and downright dickheaded manner. “Man, Prince is a jerk!” I exclaimed.

Years later, while appearing on an unknown radio station, Steve-O confessed that he’d told the same story and remarked, “Prince was completely a jerk.” He didn’t find out about Prince’s death until after he had left the show. “You can’t please everyone.” “If anyone knows anything about that, it’s me,” he continued.

The release date for Jackass 4.5 has been set for May 20th, according to Netflix. Jackass 4.5 will include behind-the-scenes footage, outtakes, cast interviews, and never-before-seen stunts from Jackass Forever, just like the previous film expansions Jackass 2.5 and 3.5.

After Jackass Forever, Johnny Knoxville had stated that he would be retiring from huge stunts, a move inspired by medical advice from his doctor.

Knoxville said: “I knew going into this movie that this was going to be the last time I was going to do big stunts because I’ve got kids and I’ve had so many injuries. I feel like I could go out good in this film by being my last with big stunts. I’ve got nothing left to prove in that area.”

Steve-O has previously stated that he is considering releasing a “comedy gangster rap album” with other rap artists.

“We’ve had so many artists on my podcast, and we just floated it out there, ‘If I made a comedy gangster rap album, would you be down to feature on it?” explained Steve-O.

“I mean, maybe the people are just being nice because they’re on my podcast and they don’t want to say that there, but it really feels like I can put together a very star-studded project. And if I can just wrap my head around the idea of it, you know, work through the scar tissue of that last experience, I think it could be really fun and funny.”