Vicky White, a prison officer, and Casey White, an escaped inmate, have been found after a days-long manhunt near Evansville, Indiana.

Casey and Vicky White, who are not related and reportedly have a love relationship, were found Monday after investigators followed up on a citizen tip that led them to an Evansville motel, according to numerous authorities. The culprits fled the scene, prompting a police chase that culminated in a car accident.

Vicky was discovered with injuries that appeared to be caused by self-inflicted gunfire in the aftermath of the crash, according to Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Wedding emphasizes that more investigation is needed to conclusively conclude she shot herself, despite the fact that she was quickly transported to a hospital.

The extent and location of Vicky’s injuries are currently unknown.

“I hope she survives,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said in a news conference Monday afternoon. “She has some answers for us, and hopefully we’ll be able to get those answers.”

Casey surrendered at the scene and is now in custody, according to Singleton.

The patrol car in which the two had left the detention center was found abandoned in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center by police. The patrol car was seen stopped at a traffic light at 9:49 a.m., just two blocks from the parking lot where it was later discovered.

Vicky “strictly” violated department policy by transporting Casey alone, according to Singleton at a press conference last week. According to Singleton, a person charged with murder should have been escorted by two deputies.

On Monday, it was revealed that a warrant had been issued for Vicky’s arrest on charges of first-degree permitting or facilitating escape, second-degree forgery, and identity theft.

Casey White attempted to escape from the same jail in 2020, according to investigators.

The two disappeared the day after Vicky White filed for retirement. Vicky White’s last day of work was April 29, and she sold her house a month ago.