After being in and out of court-ordered rehab, Bam Margera’s wife is coming up.

According to a representative for his wife, Nikki Boyd Margera, the Jackass actor allegedly left rehab a second time due to his son. Margera, 42, was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to demonstrate that he is a decent father while in a rehabilitation facility, she further stated through her attorney.

Through her attorney, David Glass, Boyd issued the following statement: “We love Bam, both as a husband and parent.”

She stated, “We pray that he will give it everything he’s got this time at this new rehab facility so he may finish his therapy and return to the family that loves him.


Margera was discovered in a motel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, on Monday night after reentering rehab a second time. Police and a crisis team brought him back to treatment once again because his time at the health center is required by a court order.

Margera did, however, get his wish to enroll in a different rehabilitation facility this time.

Boyd’s lawyer stated in a statement: “He stands a strong opportunity of rejoining with his wife, Nikki, and their son Phoenix if he can make a firm commitment to seeing his new program through this time. My client is now publicly pleading for Bam to finally vanquish his issues since she is so grateful that he was discovered safe.

Glass continued, “Nikki says she will do everything it takes to keep inspiring and lifting her husband’s spirits to bring him to the finish line.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Margera’s attorney.

Boyd’s representative told TMZ before she was found that she was unaware of Margera’s whereabouts. She was concerned for his security as well.

Margera was observed at a Machine Gun Kelly performance earlier this month, when he initially left his rehab facility. Boyd went to the event with him, according to a Page Six article at the time.

Margera previously received a full year of inpatient alcohol abuse therapy in a Florida rehab facility. Boyd and their 4-year-old son Phoenix moved into a condo on the rehab site after Boyd finished the program there in May.

Margera also announced to his Instagram fans that he will keep taking outpatient programs to strengthen his sobriety.

Margera has been vocal online about his newfound sobriety despite his attempts to sneak out of rehab. He revealed his new AA sponsor on Instagram at the beginning of June, but the image of the pair has now been removed.

After being fired from the Jackass series for breaking a “wellness contract,” Margera spent time in treatment. While filming Jackass Forever, he tested positive for Adderall, according to his co-star Johnny Knoxville.

Nikki Boyd Margera Says Bam Margera Left Rehab to Be a Better Dad, as He Checks in to New Facility

Knoxville described Margera’s absence from the movie in all but one stunt as “very painful” to Variety. “I cherish Bam. Everyone adores Bam. You do realize he is our brother? We all genuinely care about him, so you just hope that he decides to take the initiative to receive the assistance he requires.”

Margera later filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Knoxville and production. However, it appears from records collected that the case has been resolved.