Jojo Siwa discusses the psychological and physical effects of appearing on Dance Moms.

The former contestant of Dancing With the Stars uploaded a TikTok video of herself showing off a bald area on the side of her head. In the video from July 26, she stated, “When someone finds my bald spot and wonders where it’s from…,” and then a montage of images from her time as a young JoJo on the Lifetime show followed.

She claimed in the caption that she had “no more hair there” due to the “stress rash on my head” she experienced while filming Dance Moms.

JoJo explained why she was missing hair when a fan asked if the bald spot was caused by the tight ponytails she used to wear.

In another video, she pointed to the opposite side of her head and explained, “No, that’s actually not from the ponytails, because if it were from my ponytails—considering it went on this side—it would be this.” “Right here on Dance Moms, when I was little, I had a pretty horrible stress rash, and I would pick at it all day.”

JoJo added, “I damaged every single hair follicle that has ever been right there.” 


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Many former Dance Moms cast members have opened up in recent years about the stress they experienced during filming. Abby Lee Miller, the show’s dancing instructor, has come under fire from stars like Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler for allegedly fostering a “stressful” environment. In a video response to Maddie, Abby justified herself by asking, “If that was so poisonous, why did you keep doing it?”

JoJo, who appeared on the show from 2015 to 2019, appears to still get along well with Abby.

Charlotte Rutherford for TIME

“Of all the cast members, Abby and I actually talk the most. She’s awesome. I believe that Abby was harmed by numerous individuals, and it is quite unfortunate that many of them no longer communicate with her “In 2020, she talked to Us Weekly. It’s really unfortunate because Abby is a lovely person in general,

She went on: “Despite the fact that you can see her cursing and screaming at kids on TV, like Abby did when she won seven stars. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing this. Without Abby, Maddie and Mackenzie wouldn’t be where they are now.”

JoJo is currently getting ready to make her High School Musical: The Musical: The Series premiere. On season three, which debuts on July 27, she will make a cameo appearance as Madison, a Camp Shallow Lake alumna.