In response to internet criticism of the upcoming movie Marilyn Monroe’s casting decision, Brad Pitt has offered his comments. He is supporting Ana De Armas in the face of criticism, as many have called her accent “distracting.”

The 58-year-old Hollywood actor, who recently addressed the speculation surrounding his impending retirement, told Entertainment Tonight that the actress is “phenomenal” in the Netflix production and praised her portrayal of the superstar.

That is a difficult dress to fill. The actor and producer said, “We couldn’t bring [the film] to the final line until we discovered Ana.

Ana revealed in January 2021 that she spent nearly a year working with a dialect coach to achieve Marilyn’s distinctive voice, despite the fact that many people have conflicting opinions about the apparent accent, with some users claiming they can’t hear it and others claiming there is a Cuban or Spanish accent in the most recent biopic trailer.

The actress previously stated, “It took me nine months of dialect instruction, practice, and several ADR [automatic dialogue replacement] sessions.” “It was a terrible ordeal and extremely exhausting. My head was burned.

The actress was also defended by Marilyn’s estate. “Any actor who takes on that job is aware of the enormous expectations placed on them. Ana appears to have been a good casting decision based just on the teaser, which shows how well she conveys Marilyn’s glitz, empathy, and vulnerability. We are eager to watch the complete movie!

Marilyn Monroe is a unique figure in Hollywood and popular culture who has stood the test of time, according to Marc Rosen, president of entertainment at Authentic Brands Group (ABG).