During the live show of America’s Got Talent earlier this week, the season’s first night of qualifiers was celebrated, and there were many bright aspirants hoping to make their mark.

Stand-up comedian Lace Larrabee was one aspiring performer that took the stage; her performance consisted of tales about her marriage and pals. Sadly, Simon Cowell buzzed her after only three minutes, which Larrabee later argued was unjust. Luckily, she had the support of the other judges, including fellow stand-up vet Howie Mandel.

Mandel spoke with a source in favor of Larrabee after the live AGT program. He did so after she had left the stage. He reportedly gave the younger comedian some wise counsel, which she will undoubtedly remember for many years to come. Here is Mandel’s explanation:

Being rejected is never simple, and it’s even tougher when Simon Cowell does it in front of both an in-studio audience and millions of spectators. especially considering Lace Larrabee already had the judges’ approval as she wasn’t even a wildcard for Season 17. Even if she was somewhat offended by Cowell’s behavior, Larrabee’s confidence should remain strong enough to allow her to continue performing and creating because Howie Mandel later gave her some guidance. possibly for Mandel’s upcoming game show?

Even after Simon Cowell pressed the loud, bright red buzzer, Lace Larrabee maintained her composure. As the audience booed the judge and applauded her after she was done, she continued with her routine and concluded the story she was telling. Below is a video of her performance.