Many families around the world hold the Home Alone series in high regard and look forward to Kevin McAllister’s adventures every year around Christmas. Unluckily, one of the actors who appears in that enduring series of films is embroiled in some serious legal troubles. Additionally, Devin Ratray, who portrayed Buzz in Home Alone, is under investigation for rape after already being charged with domestic violence.

Despite having a long acting career, Devin Ratray’s portrayal as Buzz in the first two Home Alone movies may be his most well-known work. In fact, to the delight of fans searching for allusions to the original, he just recreated that role in Disney+’s Home Sweet Home Alone. However, Ratray has also been in the news for legal troubles; according to CNN, he is currently the subject of an investigation into a 2017 allegation of sexual assault.

The accusations against Devin Ratray came from a lady called Lisa Smith, who reopened her investigation after learning of the actor’s arrest for domestic abuse in Oklahoma. In 2017, she reported Ratray to the police, alleging that he had sexually assaulted her. And it appears that the probe is once again open.

Devin Ratray, for his part, refuted Lisa Smith’s claims over the phone with CNN. But now that he’s back under scrutiny, details concerning Lisa Smith’s initial complaint are now revealed. Smith asserts that it was improper for prosecutors at the time to assume that Smith wished to remain nameless in order to avoid being identified by press sources. She apparently also made the trip to Manhattan to meet with the district attorney’s office and even offered some probable proof. But up to this point, the case had been resolved.

To be clear, Devin Ratray has not been put on trial for any of Lisa Smith’s claims. As of the time of writing, an investigation into the potential sexual assault is underway. However, it appears that the Home Alone actor is in legal trouble when you take into account his domestic violence charge. We’ll just have to watch to see how everything turns out.

The charges made by Lisa Smith center on a single evening in September 2017 after 15 years of acquaintance. She says she and her companions went to an after-hours gathering at actor Devin Ratray’s Manhattan residence, and she thinks the actor poisoned her. Smith reportedly said:

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She adds that she didn’t fully regain control of her body until 2 o’clock the following day. These are undoubtedly significant claims, but how the inquiry turns up is still unknown. Since the release of Home Alone in the 1980s, Devin Ratray has continued to work as a TV and movie actor, making recent appearances on Better Call Saul and in the Amazon series The Tick. We’ll simply have to wait and watch how this impacts the actor’s career and whether or not charges are brought against him.