TechCrunch was the first to reveal that TikTok is testing films that play horizontally and in their entirety on your screen in an apparent effort to compete with YouTube.

A “Full Screen” button will show up in movies in their feed for a restricted number of users who have access to the beta feature. By clicking on it, the movie will be repositioned such that it fills the entire screen and is displayed horizontally.

Given that TikTok now permits users to publish long-form material with videos up to ten minutes long, the feature makes sense. If the creator thought the video would look better shown horizontally, they already had the choice to alert users with a “Turn Your Phone” notice. Although TikTok did not specify if all video content will be susceptible to the feature regardless of whether users willfully opt in or not, the new function would simply streamline that process.

It’s too soon to tell whether a feature like this will be able to attract YouTube creators and persuade them to make TikTok their preferred platform. On TikTok, though, short-form material continues to rule.


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