If you’re on AT&T and have been pondering acquiring a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone this holiday season, you may find yourself with a better price now even though we’re well past Black Friday. As long as you’re trading in a phone, the carrier has increased its promotion for new and upgrading consumers from $800 off a new Apple or Samsung handset to up to $1,000 off.

The savings, which will be given to you over the course of a 36-month installment plan as bill credits, requires that you also have an unlimited plan in order to be qualified.

Before, AT&T experimented with a $1,000 off iPhone promotion. Most recently, it advertised the price in conjunction with the release of Apple’s new iPhone 14 series before reducing it to up to $800 off in recent weeks. When the Galaxy S22 was introduced in February, AT&T provided up to $800 off the new handsets in exchange for any older Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, or Galaxy Z phones, even damaged ones.

The gadget you are turning into AT&T would need to be valued by the provider at a minimum of $230 in order to receive $1,000 off a new iPhone. Along with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, S22 line, Z Fold 2 or Fold 3, Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, and OnePlus’ 10 Pro, this also includes the iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 line (excluding the 12 Mini), or iPhone 13 line.

You may be eligible for discounts of up to $800 if you own an iPhone XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, or 12 Mini. You can also get up to $800 off a new phone if you’re trading in one of many Android devices made by Samsung (Galaxy S20 and S21 lines, Note 20 line, original Galaxy Fold or Fold 2, and the Z Flip 3 5G), Google (Pixel 5, 5A, and 6), or other Android manufacturers like OnePlus and Microsoft, as long as AT&T values the trade-in devices to be worth between $130 and $229.

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Other phones, such as the iPhone 8 series, SE (second or third generation), X, XR, and XS, as well as a far larger selection from Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, and OnePlus, are eligible for up to $350 off of a new phone when AT&T rates their trade-ins at $35 to $129 or less.

The iPhone 14, 14, Plus, 14, Pro, and 14 Pro Max are eligible for this deal, but the trade-in phone must be in “excellent functioning condition.” (Read the terms in full here.)

The carrier is significantly more tolerant for Galaxy phones like the S22 range, Z Flip 4, and Z Fold 4. You may be able to receive up to $1,000 off one of Samsung’s most recent smartphones if your device has a value of $35 or more according to the carrier. The terms of the carrier’s S22, Z Flip, and Z Fold packages do not state that the phone you are exchanging must be in “excellent operating condition.”

In any case, you will be responsible for paying the remaining debt and forfeiting any remaining credits if you leave AT&T before the 36-month installment is finished or if you want to unlock your phone to use abroad.

All things considered, the carrier’s post-Black Friday promotion is nevertheless unexpected given that the wireless industry as a whole is trying to entice upgraders and switchers this holiday season.

Although you must switch to the network in order to take advantage of the deal, Verizon has been promoting its most recent Christmas offer of up to $1,000 off a new phone with trade-in. If you currently have a Verizon account, the firm will give you up to $800 off with a trade-in. However, in order to qualify for this offer, you must be on one of Verizon’s more expensive Play More, Do More, Get More or One Unlimited plans.

Similar to AT&T, Verizon requests that you stay for 36 months, albeit it will take broken or damaged phones as long as the batteries are undamaged.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, the company will discount Samsung Galaxy phones by up to $800 with trade-in, but only if you currently have or are prepared to subscribe to their more expensive Magenta Max plan. Although not as generous as AT&T or Verizon’s incentives, those on other plans could save up to $400 with a trade-in. In fact, the majority of T-current Mobile’s offers appear to need adding a new line, transferring from another carrier, or upgrading to Magenta Max.

On the plus side, T-Mobile credits often last 24 months rather than 36 months like AT&T and Verizon, releasing you from a three-year contract with the company or a device.


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