Sir Jinx has referred to Ice Cube as a “phony gangster” as his continuing legal battle with the founding member of the N.W.A. drags on.

Jinx, who had created more than 28 songs for the Death Certificate MC, said in court records last March that Ice Cube hadn’t given him his full portion of profits.

Jinx (actual name Anthony Wheaton) petitioned a judge to order Cube to pay him $100,000 in back pay, claiming he had alerted Cube and his staff of the issue.

According to a source close to Cube, the 53-year-old rapper had loaned Sir Jinx a sizable sum of money throughout the years, and since those loans were never repaid, Cube had no intention of giving Jinx a penny.

In response, Jinx has accused Cube of being nothing more than a “crook” who has “robbed” and “cheated” individuals over the years in a lengthy Instagram post published on Sunday, December 18.

How the heck am I spending money on a lawyer to recover money that this n-gga has had on me for years? Jinx penned. “N-ggas can conceal themselves behind large gates and security, but you can’t always do that. Mr. Jackson, your time will come. Fake gangster, you’re not from the 111 Crip.

“You took from there, but you never traveled to St. Louis,” he said. You! stole those tales from Shorty, JD, and Big Wave, therefore I guess you made up all of this. Will he pay me or will you pay for more security?

Jinx then turned his focus on Cube Vision’s COO Jeffrey Kwatinetz, a member of the entertainment industry. Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez formed Cube Vision as a film and television production firm.

According to Jinx, “This guy creates a toxic work environment by continuously extolling the virtues of Donald Trump’s former political strategist Steve Bannon, while simultaneously acting in an Islamophobic manner.” Was Cube not upset with the nation? Which type of gangsta is this? It’s unfortunate that these guys can’t be moral with their family. I wish you success and receive your brotherly debt. You have my utmost backing. Thank you, real legend.

Jinx posted a diss track named “Do Watchah Do” with the caption that calls Cube a “cheat” and a “liar” over a beat by Drake and JAY-Z called “Love All.”

A post shared by Tony Villah (@djsirjinx)

The classic diss track “No Vaseline” by Ice Cube, as well as hits like “True to the Game,” “The Bomb,” “It’s a Man’s World,” and “The Funeral,” were all produced by Sir Jinx.

Cube has not yet addressed Jinx’s assertion. He just formed the supergroup Mount Westmore alongside Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Too $hort, and they recently released their debut album. On December 9, 16-track Snoop, Cube, 40, $hort became available on streaming sites.


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