If you follow the Chiefs on Twitter and are a fan, you may be familiar with Chiefsaholic. He is a well-known Kansas City Chiefs fan who attends almost all home and road games. He stands out because he is doing this while sporting a wolf costume.

Overall, he must have spent a lot of money on this. After all, traveling to each game requires both expensive airfare and expensive tickets. Having said that, it appears that Chiefsaholic used dubious ways to support his infatuation with the Chiefs.

Chiefs Fan Robs Banks

The fan, Xavier Michael Babudar, was detained last weekend in Bixby, Oklahoma. Sports Illustrated claims that this occurred as a result of Babudar robbing a bank. He was then charged with armed robbery, wearing a mask while committing a crime, having a firearm while committing a crime, and making dangerous threats on last Friday.

Many Chiefs supporters used Twitter to make jokes and memes about the situation after hearing this surprising news. People obviously find this situation unbelievable, and that is understandable. To think that a fan would go through all of this trouble for a few tickets is startling.

It is understood that this is not the first time the fan has attempted to get money in this manner. However, it was in Bixby, Oklahoma when he was apprehended and arrested for the first time.


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