Future has seven children, so he is undoubtedly very busy behind the scenes. He’s obviously not unfamiliar with baby mama issues either.

The 39-year-first-born old’s child, Jakobi Wilburn, recently opened up on what it’s actually like to have him as his father.

The 20-year-old recently spoke with The Progress Report about his upbringing before his father became fame.

“It was typical. I wore all the KDs, Lebrons, and Nike clothes to school. Though it was cool, I continued to play outside every day, had bikes, visited parks, went to movies, and did everything else that everyone else was doing. It didn’t really change until someone said, “That’s your dad?” Kobi, I’m still the same. Nothing actually changed except for the status, he claims.

He continued by discussing the ways in which his father helps him to create his own music. He claims that the “PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ” rapper initially responded with skepticism when he revealed his desire to become an artist.

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He seemed to be saying, “Yeah, right. You’d rather not perform music. Just because I do it, you want to follow suit. You know, no! I’m going to do it because I want to. Nevertheless, he commanded, “Show me that you want to do it because you want to do it.” I have been in the studio every single day since then,” he acknowledges.

I have been here longer than he has. I was up here before he arrived. I’m still inside as he leaves. He simply observes me developing my music and says, “You have hundreds of tunes now! You want it badly.” He’s now totally on board, so,” he added afterwards.

King Kobi is the stage name used by Wilburn when performing music. Homixide Gang is featured in one of his songs from earlier this year, “40 FLOORS UP.”

The “Mask Off” rapper has had yet another busy and fruitful year. I NEVER LIKED YOU, his eighth studio album, was released in April and has since been nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Rap Album.

He reportedly spent lavishly on a $7.5 million Bentley-branded condo in Florida to cap off his successful year.


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