For many people, a new year means making new resolutions and the opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Each new year, however, also brings the possibility of 365 days of unrest, depending on what the cosmos has in store for us. Nostradamus, a 16th-century astrologer, predicted that the next fresh start would involve significant upheaval.

According to the NY Post, the alleged heretic accurately predicted a number of historical occurrences. They include the Great Fire of London, 9/11, the COVID-19 epidemic, and Hitler’s ascent to power. Because of his unmistakably negative outlook, he is referred to as the “prophet of doom.”

His pessimistic view is attributed to the Old Testament and the trauma of losing his wife and children to illness when they were still quite young. He authored Les Prophéties in 1555, in which he foresaw future conflicts, uprisings, killings, and other events.

The late person had predictions for 2022 that included the rise of AI, the dominance of cryptocurrencies, and a sharp increase in cannibalism brought on by persistent inflation. In December, it seemed safe to say that bitcoin had failed, living expenses were at an all-time high, and Evan Peters’ portrayal of Jeffrey Dahmer had become one of the most watched Netflix series of the year.

Sadly, it seems that Nostradamus’ outlook on the year 2023 hasn’t changed much. He predicts that the effects of global warming will worsen, leading to an increase in fish mortality.

He once penned, “Like the sun the head shall burn the glittering sea: The living fish of the Black Sea shall all but boil.”

When he describes “Celestial fire on the royal building” elsewhere, he appears to be referring to the fall of the monarchy. If interpreted literally, this would imply that Buckingham Palace was struck by a meteor or other blaze. It might be a metaphor for the “bombshell” in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s upcoming docuseries, though.

It is no secret that the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine has raised the possibility of World War III for some time. Even Nostradamus wouldn’t be shocked to see more serious conflict flare out on a global scale at this time.

His book makes the following prediction: “Seven months great war, people die via evil.” Just wait until you hear what he has to say next if you think that’s horrible already.

In addition to the previously described instability, Nos predicts a very unwelcome visitor will arrive in 2023. The three are quickly destroyed by the antichrist. The length of his war is 27 years. The unbelievers are expelled, held hostage, and dead. with the soil covered in red hail, blood, human remains, and water.


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