Ellen DeGeneres is showing the public how dangerous the recent torrential rains have made the Montecito area, where she and other celebrities such as Oprah and Prince Harry dwell.

The former talk show presenter, 64, can be seen standing on a bank, showing off the surging water behind her in a video released on Twitter. According to DeGeneres, the creek is just next to her house and “never runs,” but heavy rains from a recent storm have changed everything.

“It’s probably around 9 feet high, and it could go another 2 feet up,” she stated in the video, moving the camera to show how strong the water was. “We have horses ready to go.”

The area was hammered with the latest round of severe storms rolling through the state on Monday, with the National Weather Service reporting at least 8 inches of rain pouring over the area in 12 hours, according to NBC News.

The Montecito fire department issued an evacuation order for all Montecito residents as well as those living in Sycamore Canyon in Santa Barbara on Monday due to the torrential rainfall and flooding.

Residents of the nearby county of San Luis Obispo were also advised to leave because of heavy floods in many areas. A mother and her 5-year-old were lost in flood waters, and at least one motorist was also murdered. The woman was saved by onlookers, but the hunt for the boy had to be suspended as the situation deteriorated.

A day earlier, California Governor Gavin Newsom similarly issued an emergency declaration, stating that 12 residents had already perished as a result of floods and other storm-related effects during the previous three weeks.

DeGeneres mentioned in her video that the effects of the recent heavy rains are similar to those of a storm that struck Montecito in January 2018 and left 23 people dead.

DeGeneres stated, “This is the five-year anniversary of the fire and mudslides that killed so many people and caused many to lose their homes and their lives. “This is absurd. We are seeing unusually heavy rain on the fifth anniversary.”

Mother Nature is not pleased with us, therefore we ought to be better to her, she continued. “Let’s each play a part. Be careful, everyone.”

Following the 2018 storm, DeGeneres became upset on her show as she discussed the terrible destruction to Montecito caused by mudslides caused by torrential rains, as well as her and her wife Portia de Rossi’s evacuation from their house.

“It’s not simply an affluent community; it’s a diverse community with individuals from all walks of life. There are also missing families and people who are missing family members “DeGeneres remarked this while uploading a snapshot of the mud-covered street in front of her house.

“They’re finding dead and people, and you have no clue the impact of a mudslide after the largest fire in California history, but it’s horrific. It is unrecognizable “She went on to say.

Oprah, who also lives in Montecito, Facetimed with the host, saying the devastation was “devastating.”

“But we’re going to do what we’re going to do,” Oprah remarked. “We’re going to band together and do what great Americans do all the time. We’re going to assist one another. We’ll help each other out everywhere we can.”


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