Even if Canva is estimated to be valued around $26 billion, it seems startups believe there is still plenty to be gained from this “easy-to-use design platform” market. Admittedly, most people still find professional Adobe programs to be difficult to use. Possibly as a result, the Berlin-based startup.

For its design platform, Kittl has now secured a €10.8 million ($11.6 million) Series A round, which it says will enable users to “quickly turn ideas into graphic goods.”

Left Lane Capital served as the round’s lead investor. Along with Europe’s Speedinvest, other participants included a number of angel investors, including Des Traynor, the co-founder of Intercom, Shaan Puri, the former CEO of Bebo, and executives from Calm, Amazon, and Instagram.

The New York-based VC firm Left Lane Capital is most recognized for its investments in companies including GoStudent, Wayflyer, and Masterworks, among others.

Nicolas Heymann and Tobias Saul co-founded Kittl, which provides browser-based graphic design tools for making logos, labels, postcards, and other things.

Heymann, co-founder and CEO of Kittl, said to me through email: “With Kittl, we remove the barrier of a steep learning curve and enable consumers to produce professional-grade designs quickly and effortlessly. Our features are made to simplify difficult design procedures and make them clickable and available. Our rivals either concentrate on simple tools that only offer a limited amount of creative freedom, or they require a lot of training and practice to become proficient at.

Originally known as Heritage Type when it was formed by Heymann and Tobias Saul in 2020, Kittl underwent a rebranding in October 2021 following the completion of a €1.6 million Seed round.

Heymann points out that they intend to “double down on existing A.I. and machine learning efforts” in light of the fact that a lot of these tools will likely be replaced by AI pretty soon.

Magnus Karnehm, Principal at Left Lane Capital, stated in a statement that Kittl’s user-friendly platform “democratizes the development of professional-grade graphic design.” Kittl’s laser focus on building a platform that covers ideation, creation, and ultimately revenue of graphic design has allowed it to rapidly expand its user base and user engagement.


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