James Cameron, whose filmography includes the first two Terminator films, believes that the “weaponization of AI” is humanity’s “biggest danger.”

In an interview with CTV News’ Vassy Kapelos, the director—whose most recent picture, Avatar: The Way of Water, is currently the third-highest-grossing film of all time—was asked about Terminator and its connection to the current flurry of artificial intelligence-related headlines. When asked directly if he agreed with professionals in the area who have frequently expressed concerns about the technology, Cameron responded yes.

“I absolutely share their concern of, you know, I warned you guys in 1984 and you didn’t listen,” Cameron stated near the end of the meeting, as seen below. “I mean, you have to follow the money to figure out who’s building these things, right?” They’re either building it to dominate market share—in which case, what are you teaching it? greed—or you’re creating it for defensive purposes, in which case you’re instilling paranoia.”

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The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and written by Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, was a surprise box office blockbuster in 1984, telling the story of a cyborg assassin on a time-traveling mission to assassinate Sarah Connor. Following the success of the film, Cameron went on to become one of the most important directors of his time, launching the Avatar franchise and reimagining the Terminator franchise.

Cameron is skeptical of AI-related technology being utilized for screenwriting, citing the intrinsic humanness required to produce stories that actually “move an audience.”

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Schwarzenegger recently addressed the issue as well, telling attendees at a special Evening With Arnold Schwarzenegger event last month how “the extraordinary writing of Jim Cameron” proven prophetic.

“So it’s no longer a fantasy or something futuristic. “It arrived today,” he stated at the time, according to People.

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Notably, AI is a crucial topic mentioned in the ongoing WGA-SAG-AFTRA strike. authors, for example, are asking for restriction in the use of AI on projects in the WGA’s proposals, such as no use of AI in writing or rewriting literary material, no use of AI as source material, and no use of authors’ work in AI training.


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