After a Twitter user discovered a phone number that connected callers to scammers, Google is attempting to correct misleading contact information for some major airlines on Google Maps.

Phone numbers appeared to have been changed on Google Maps listings for numerous airlines’ locations at New York’s John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports. Delta, American, Southwest, and Qantas were among the airlines affected, according to the user’s widely shared post.

The Twitter user described his attempts to call Delta after a canceled flight had him searching for an assistance line to rebook. After dialing the provided number, he received a call from what appeared to be a Delta customer service representative, but from a line with a French country code.

“He was able to look up my trip information on Delta by providing him with my confirmation number and name.” He discovered an alternative flight from Newark that would depart later in the evening. But he needed my confirmation,” Shmuli Evers wrote on Sunday.

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Evers cut the talk short after detecting an anomaly. “He texted me after that, and he worked so hard for so long to help me get on a flight… He demanded that I pay him five times the amount of the original ticket.”

Scammers can change phone numbers of large firms’ local business listings on Google results to deceive naïve clients, a problem that Google claims it is attempting to address.

“We do not tolerate this misleading activity, and we are constantly monitoring and evolving our platforms to combat fraud and create a safe environment for users and businesses,” said a Google spokeswoman to CNN.

“Our teams have already begun to correct the errors, suspend the malicious accounts involved, and implement additional safeguards to prevent further abuse.”

Google continually monitors submitted content using a combination of human moderators and technology to discover and remove bogus information, implementing regulations that specify all contributions must be based on “real experiences and information.”

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According to the corporation, accounts found to be submitting fraudulent or misleading data may be suspended or even face litigation, such as a case filed in June against a bad actor publishing phony reviews on small businesses.

Businesses affected, such as airlines, can report suspected scammers to Google and law authorities.

“Whenever we become aware of an alleged scam targeting our customers, including in this case, we conduct an investigation right away.” “We can then address each unique situation as appropriate with the necessary legal means at our disposal, using the facts gained from an investigation,” a Delta representative told CNN.

Delta also recommends passengers to contact the airline solely through established means, such as phone numbers published on their website or online messaging.


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