Taylor Swift has lavished ‘life-changing’ $100,000 bonuses on all of the drivers that assisted her crew on the US Eras tour.

Mike Scherkenbach, the owner of the transportation company that worked on the Eras tour, told Rolling Stone how important these bonuses are to his drivers.

“She’s giving a sum of money that is life-changing for these people,” he explained.

Swift is said to have dished out more than $50 million in bonuses to tour crew, including food, lighting, audio, and video personnel.

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According to Scherkenbach, drivers can typically expect bonuses ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, thus Swift’s bonus is ten times what they expected.

Scherkenbach further stated that the $100,000 for each driver will make a significant difference in their life.

“Many of these drivers are not homeowners, and a lump sum like this allows you to put a down payment on a home,” he explained.

“That’s what makes me happy,” he added. That generosity has changed the game for these people.”

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This isn’t the first time Scherkenbach and his Showmotion crew have worked on one of Swift’s tours; they were previously a part of the Reputation tour.

Swift even listed the drivers in the credits of her Reputation tour documentary on Netflix, he said.

“Should the names of the drivers appear in the film credits?” “That reveals a person’s character,” he stated.

Scherkenbach reportedly told USA Today that, in addition to the significant awards, each driver received a handwritten note from the artist.

“The funny part is, they just glanced at the letter quickly and didn’t look at the amount,” Scherkenbach explained.

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“Another driver then said, ‘Oh, this has to be a joke.'” This prompted the others to reopen their letters.”

Forbes estimates that the Eras tour has already made about $110 million after production costs, with over 38 shows and an average audience of 54,000.

And that’s only till June!

Swift’s Eras world tour is expected to earn her up to $1.4 billion by the time it wraps up next August.

Swift’s net worth is also projected to be at $740 million, but who knows how high that figure could rise with the success of her Eras Tour?

Despite having so much money, Swift appears to value generosity.


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