People are afraid of a TikToker who paid for her food “with her hand,” so they are all over social media.

Burgundy Waller, who goes by the name “Chip Girl” on TikTok, says that in 2020, a radio-frequency identification chip was put in her hand.

Chip Girl has shown that the technology has changed since she first used the chip to replace her keys to open her front door and kitchen cabinets.

The chip was supposedly put in the TikToker’s hand between the thumb and index finger.

In an earlier post on the site, Waller showed a picture of her bandaged hand right after the surgery.

The woman who called herself an innovator, business, dog mom, “bonus mom,” law student, and wife said that her “techie husband” gave her the idea to do it.

She has since said that the chip means she no longer has to worry about forgetting her front door keys and that she can also leave the house without her credit card.

In a video posted to the platform on August 5, Chip Girl tells the camera that she is trying out paying for food with her hand at Whole Foods for the first time.

She asks if the buy went through, and sure enough, a few seconds later, she hears a beep on the store’s monitor, which means the transaction was successful.

“That’s the coolest thing ever,” she tells him.

It’s nice to never have to worry about losing your keys or credit card again, but not everyone is sold on the technology.

Some people have said that Waller’s shopping wasn’t really paid for by the chip.

“She’s wearing an Apple Watch under her sleeve,” said one person.

“Card up the sleeve?” another person asked.

But one person pointed out, “This is chip girl, it’s a chip.”

Most people who watched the clip were scared by the use of such technology, and many of them referred to Revelation 13:16.

He wanted everyone, no matter how big or small, rich or poor, free or a slave, to have a mark on their right hand or forehead.

Someone on TikTok said, “Revelation be like.”

“And so it starts…” said someone else.

A third person said, “Revelations taught me how to be better.”

Others brought up other worries and questions, like whether or not Chip Girl’s credit card information would be safe.

A user asked, “Are you worried that people with scanners can walk by you and get your card information?”

One TikToker just said, “I will pray for you.”


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