a sprint to the end.

A video of the race that left comedian Kevin Hart hurt and wheelchair-bound between him and former NFL great Stevan Ridley has come to light.

In a video posted by the former running back on Instagram Friday, the “Ride Along” actor — who was wearing a white T-shirt, red pants and white sneakers — was seen racing Ridley, 34, in the middle of the street at night as a crowd watched.

As soon as the race began, Hart and the ex-New England Patriots player—who was dressed in a pair of orange shorts, a white t-shirt, and white sneakers—took the lead.

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Hart seemed to have slowed down and seemed to be hurting himself halfway through the race.

The 44-year-old “Jumanji” star confirmed that he had hurt himself during the sprint on Instagram on Wednesday.

He declared in an Instagram video, “Guys, I blew all my s-t.”

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real)

I tore my lower abdomen and my abductors, which I don’t even know what they are. … I am unable to walk.

Hart then panned the camera to reveal himself in a wheelchair before attributing his failure on advancing age.

He remarked, “I wanted to leap out there and do some young stuff, and I was ordered to sit my ass down.

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The comic claimed that his injuries were caused by a “debate” with Ridley about “who is faster.”

The stand-up comic said he challenged the retired athlete to a 40-yard race, but things didn’t go as planned.

“For what are we battling at this age? He questioned, “What am I doing? “Why even did I race? Most idiotic s-t ever! I can’t walk anymore.

Hart pleaded with his older supporters to “respect their age” and to refrain from being “alarmed” if they see him driving about in his new vehicle.

The “Jumanji” star pleaded with his older followers to “respect their age” and refrain from being “alarmed” if they see him driving around in his new vehicle.
The father of four provided a hilarious update on his not-so-funny injuries on Thursday.

He remarked in a video posted on Instagram, “Guys, it’s bad.” It’s f-king terrible. My right knee resembles a thumb. Everything has inflated.

The “Think Like a Man” star claimed that his “balls got big as hell” and he still has trouble moving his legs.

“I saw [Tom Brady] do it at your age so I figured you had the juice too big bro,” he wrote on his Instagram Story on Thursday.

“My bad. Recover and continue to make us all chuckle.


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