When Joe Jonas discussed Sophie Turner’s divorce during a concert, his mother had an emotional response.

The stars’ separation was officially announced last week, following four years of marriage and two daughters raised together.

Following Turner’s divorce filing in Miami Dade County, Florida, Jonas and Turner issued a joint statement.

The statement, which has been circulated on social media, says: “We have jointly decided to break our marriage amicably after four lovely years of marriage.

“Although there are a lot of conjectural explanations for this, we genuinely hope that everyone will respect our wishes for privacy for our children and ourselves. This is a united decision.”

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The Game of Thrones actor and the Camp Rock star’s relationship, according to documents obtained by Daily Mail, Today.com, and TMZ, “is irretrievably broken.”

In the middle of all of this, Jonas is now touring the US with the Jonas Brothers.

During a gig in Los Angeles, he used the occasion to address the ongoing web rumors about the divorce.

“This week has not been easy. All I want to say is, do not believe anything if you do not hear it from these lips. Okay? He addressed the Dodger Stadium audience.

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“I want to thank everyone for their love and support, both for my family and me. I adore you all.

Joe performs “Hesitate,” a song he created specifically for his wife, during the show.

It is evident that it has become more emotional today, and his mother appeared to be experiencing it while she was in the audience at a recent performance.

Fans have filmed Denise Miller-Jonas looking noticeably sad in a TikTok, and her husband pulls her in for an embrace.

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The people surrounding her, including her younger brother Frankie, seem to be experiencing emotional moments as well, so she covers her face and shakes her head.

Commenters expressed their “heart hurts” for “Mama and Papa Jonas” in the comments section.

“Divorce is hard on everyone, they lost a family member too,” said one commenter. It is not the same anymore, even if they remain friends.

“I can not imagine watching my child hurt like this, let alone so publicly,” a commenter said.

“He is crying, them are crying, I am crying, someone stop this,” said a third.

According to PEOPLE, the father of two has also lately seemed to be removing his wedding ring while on the Jonas Brothers tour.

In the band’s 2020 documentary Chasing Happiness, he stated that the song “Hesitate” was a “promise to Sophie.”

He remarked, “It is like my vows before I wrote my vows.”


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