An photograph of Amber Heard dressed as Mercy from the well-known video game Overwatch was tweeted by Elon Musk.

The image supports a statement made by Musk in his newly published biography. Musk stated in the biography that Heard worked on the cosplay after he said the character resembled her. The passage in question says, “So she spent two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play for him.” It is unclear if there was any sexual content to this “roleplay.”

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She did don a Mercy costume. People started asking Musk if the report was genuine, and he responded, “It was awesome,” on X, the former Twitter. Musk then shared a private picture of Heard wearing the outfit. It appears that this was more of a bedroom accessory given the obvious lack of layers underneath the cosplay and the garter belts visible in the photo. When multiple sites asked for comments, Heard’s reps did not immediately respond.

But the only good thing the biography says about Heard is his Overwatch cosplay. The book claims that Kimbal, Musk’s brother, and his pals harbored a deep hatred for Heard, making their dislike of Justine Wilson, Musk’s first wife, seem insignificant. “It is quite tragic that he falls in love with these individuals who treat him so poorly. Kimbal is also cited as adding, “They are gorgeous, without a doubt, but they have a very dark side, and Elon knows they are toxic.”

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Grimes, Musk’s ex, also attacked Heard in the interim. “I would have a chaotic good alignment in D&D. As opposed to Amber, who is most likely chaotic evil,” the singer is cited as stating. But when Heard was interviewed for the biography, she opted for decorum. I adore him a great deal. Elon enjoys fire, albeit it can occasionally burn him,” Heard remarked. The biography also disclosed that Musk and Grimes are secretly parents to a third child. That makes his total offspring count at least seven. Musk has a history of paternating children from several relationships with women, many of whom he worked with.


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