Marilyn Manson was fined approximately $1,400 (£1,100) for blowing his nose on a camerawoman during a 2019 event.

The rocker, real name Brian Warner, appeared in New Hampshire Superior Court on Monday for allegedly spitting and blowing his nose on filmmaker Susan Fountain while she was filming his event in August 2019.

He was ordered to perform 20 hours of community service and pay a fine by February 4, 2024. The judge allowed the 54-year-old rocker to complete his community service in California rather than New Hampshire.

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Furthermore, Manson must notify local authorities if he plans to perform in the state within the following two years.

In 2021, the Tainted Love singer pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of simple assault and was scheduled to stand trial in August. He did, however, negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors and pleaded no contest, which means he neither disputed nor admitted the nose-blowing accusation.

The case connected to the spitting allegation was dismissed in exchange for pleading no contest.

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Fountain, who did not attend in court, stated in a statement read aloud in court, “I’ve never been humiliated or treated like this defendant.” It was the most vile thing a human being has ever done to spit on me and blow his nose on me.”

Fountain said in her complaint that Manson approached her camera and spit a “big lougee” at her, splattering saliva on both her hands. He allegedly blew his nose at her afterwards, and his snot got entangled in her hands and arms.

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Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, the musician stated that he plans to serve with “people in recovery.”

The case marks Manson’s third legal squabble in the last two and a half years. His career was ruined in 2021 after he was accused of sexual assault by many women. Manson, who has always maintained his innocence, is still defending the charges in court.


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