Sharon Osbourne admitted to becoming “too skinny” after losing 30 pounds with Ozempic.

On Talk TV’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” the former “Talk” co-host showed off her drastically slimmed-down appearance, offering fans a closer look at how much weight has vanished from her face.

“It’s just time to stop,” she remarked on the British chat program. “I didn’t want to go this thin, but it just happened.”

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“I’ll probably put it all back on again soon!”

Osbourne, 70, lost the weight over the course of four months, during which she experienced nausea from the weight-loss injections, which she described as a “quick fix.”

She previously told E! News that she weighed less than 100 pounds at her thinnest and 230 pounds at her heaviest.

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“I want to stay around 105 because I’m too skinny,” she explained, “but I’m trying to strike a healthy balance.”

Osbourne’s statement came after her daughter Kelly admitted to having weight-loss surgery in 2020.

“I had surgery, I don’t give an f-k what anyone says,” she remarked on the podcast “Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.”

“I did it, and I’m proud of it, and they can suck s-t.”

Later, she described the gastric sleeve as the “best decision” she’d ever made.

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Kelly, 38, gave birth to her first kid, a newborn boy, in November 2022, and has since been smaller than ever, leading many to think she underwent another treatment or began taking Ozempic.

The “Dancing With the Stars” alum, on the other hand, dismissed the plastic surgery accusations.

“It’s strange, because now that I’ve lost weight, everyone is criticizing and trying to figure out what I’ve done, and I really just lost some weight,” Kelly said earlier this month to The Daily Mail.

“It’s just the shape of my face!” she exclaims.


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