Savannah Chrisley expressed her thoughts on Nic Kerdiles, who died in a motorcycle accident last week.

Chrisley Knows Best star Chrisley Knows Best shared a heartbreaking Instagram post about Kerdiles as she copes with the tragic loss.

Kerdiles, 29, died in a motorcycle accident last week.

Chrisley, 26, said the couple had ‘learned to love together’ and that she would ‘cherish every moment, every memory’.

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“It is impossible to believe that you are really gone,” she said in the caption of the heartbreaking image. “I’m not sure how to process that news; I’m not sure how to react.” I’m depressed and numb. I refuse to believe it… I’ll keep texting your phone and hoping you respond.”

“We had some really great, bright moments, and we had some really hard ones,” Chrisley continued, “but the part of our relationship I will always remember is the moments in the middle.” It will be the day-to-day existence we have shared for the past five years.

“It will be your complete reliance on Starbucks, and no day will begin without it.” It will be your affection for your mother’s carrot cake; I am confident that no one has ever liked carrot cake as much as you do. Your inability to get a famous cliche saying straight, LOL, you would botch every quote, every time.”

The couple had been engaged since they began dating in 2017, and they remained amicable even after their engagement ended in September 2020.

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Despite the heartbreaking loss, Chrisley stated that she is already noticing indications of Kerdiles’ presence in her daily life.

In an Instagram story, she shared notes from a friend, along with a photo of a ham and cheese croissant, which is one of Kerdiles’ favorite foods.

Savannah’s friend noted in the message that it was a wonderful coincidence that her mother had cooked that type of croissant shortly after Savannah mentioned she would look for Nick at comparable times.

It was ‘already providing signals that he’s enjoying a hot crepe in heaven,’ Chrisley added.


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