The lead detective in the double murder investigation has been charged again. Another dimension is added by the ever-dense timeline of YNW Melly’s judicial battles.

The Florida rapper filed yet another motion to get the murders of YNW Sakchaser and Juvy acquitted. He believes Mark Moretti, who has already been called up for “excessive force,” is up against it again. Melly and his attorneys claim that prosecutors concealed evidence. This is about Moretti’s alleged misbehavior, which allowed him to testify in YNW Melly’s first trial.

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According to documents obtained by AllHipHop, Melly’s side believes there was a lot of misconduct during this struggle. “Rather than providing this information to the defense so that [they] could have used it during the first trial, the State withheld it.” In fact, it is suspected that the State Attorney’s Office made decisions at the highest levels not to release it to the defense and, second, not to pursue the internal affairs inquiry.”

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Furthermore, they believe this will lead to Moretti’s impeachment, but Melly has not been accorded fair Process Rights. Melly’s team also believes they have other evidence. “In essence, the State has done everything it could to sanitize Detective Moretti’s actions.” Despite the fact that the defense has just revealed the top of the iceberg in this case, it is sufficient for this Court to evaluate the Defendant’s Due Process Rights.” Melly’s retrial appears to begin on October 9, although it has previously been put again, so who knows if this is a firm date.


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