Dish Network and its streaming service Sling TV have initiated a proactive approach in recent times. Towards streaming platforms that they perceive as violating their patents.

The BBC and ITV’s BritBox streaming service has been added to the list of services that the BBC and ITV consider to be in violation of its streaming patents. BritBox is owned by the BBC and ITV, employs technology that violates eight of its patents, according to a lawsuit filed in a New York court.

It is not just Britbox that is being sued. Additionally, DISH has filed suit against Vidgo and Fubo. Dish’s technology division, Dish Technologies LLC, and Dish’s Sling TV LLC accused Vidgo and Fubo of knowingly infringing on its technology to stream content to users in a lawsuit filed last month.

Multi-bitrate content streaming, a method of transmitting video data over the internet in accordance with varying connection rates, is the subject of the patents.

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Vidgo and Fubo join other companies. Including the interactive fitness application iFit, that have been served with comparable litigation by Dish. Dish is endeavoring to negotiate a royalty agreement with Fubo. Whereby the streaming service would remunerate Dish for the utilization of its technology. Dish announced a month ago that it is seeking the prohibition of iFit’s stationary cycle, elliptical trainers, and other devices with streaming capabilities on the grounds that they infringe upon its patents.

“A Vidgo spokesperson stated, ‘Our legal counsel is reviewing the lawsuit, but we believe it to be without merit and frivolous.'”

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“Fubo extremely seriously considers these allegations,” a Fubo spokesperson stated. “Our investigation of Dish’s claim continues.”

Dish obtained these patents in 2010 for $45 million when it acquired the patent portfolio of startup MOVE Networks. Dish Technologies, formerly referred to as Echostar Technologies, underwent a sequence of organizational restructuring to transition into a division of Dish Network in 2018.

At the time of this publication, neither BritBox nor Dish representatives were reachable by Cord Cutters News for comment.


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