The adolescent neighbor of Matthew Perry, who “saw everything” at the scene, has come forward.

Perry was discovered fatally unresponsive in a hot Jacuzzi at his residence in Los Angeles yesterday, October 28th, when law enforcement officers were dispatched.

In the final Instagram post shared in the days preceding his death, the deceased 54-year-old Perry was depicted lounging in what appeared to be the identical hot tub located at his residence, where he subsequently passed away.

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According to the police, no indications of foul play were found.

The unidentified teen told The US Sun that he was exiting his nearby residence to visit a friend when he noticed an ambulance by Perry’s residence.

“They were outside my neighbor’s door,” he reported.

“At the time, I didn’t give it much thought until the authorities arrived and everything began to unfold. “Instead of pounding the door, they maintained their silence.”

“It was extremely distressing and depressing after all those years… considering what he had been through, his addictions, and everything else,” the seventeen-year-old continued.

“I saw everything, I feel bad for my younger siblings.”

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Young Perry’s neighbor expressed his passing as “extremely tragic.”

Evidently, the celebrity had not resided in the area for very long.

Since Perry had relocated nearby, they had spoken on multiple occasions, during which he described him as “extremely friendly” and “a nice, genuine guy.”

In addition, the adolescent extended his condolences to Perry’s family and acquaintances.

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In the aftermath of his untimely demise, the actor has been the recipient of numerous tributes from both celebrities and Friends supporters.

Due to their close association, fellow actor Selma Blair was understandably devastated by the news that Perry had passed away.

Blair, who was accompanying them in a photo, remarked, “We all adored Matthew Perry, but I particularly so. Each day. I cherished him without conditions. He also me. I, too, am shattered. I am heartbroken. Goodnight, Matty. “Blessed dreams.”

Blair appeared briefly as Chandler Bing’s colleague on Friends.

Maggie Wheeler, who played Perry’s on-screen love interest Janice and was a popular actress from the 1990s sitcom, expressed her sorrow on social media: “What a loss. Matthew Perry, you will be sorely missed by everyone. Your pleasure will endure, as will the happiness you brought to so many during your all-too-brief lifetime. I am profoundly grateful for each and every creative moment that we have shared.

In the interim, Friends actress Morgan Fairchild, who portrayed Nora Bing, Perry’s on-screen mother, expressed herself as “heartbroken” upon learning of his passing.


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