With help from one of the greatest Christian broadcasters in the US, Dr. Phil McGraw is starting a new TV show.

Launching on February 26th, McGraw’s Merit Street Media. Which he announced in November, will include Dr. Phil Primetime as its main program. Dr. Phil Primetime is a nighttime talk show that is similar to McGraw’s long-running daytime show. In addition to helping Merit Street distribute its content, Trinity Broadcasting, which operates over 30 TV stations and is carried by numerous major cable and satellite providers. Also intends to provide free streaming channels with advertising and pursue other digital media endeavors.

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However, Merit Street Media will not air any religious content, which is Trinity’s mainstay on the air.

Joel Cheatwood, the COO of Merit Street Media and a former executive at Fox News, CBS, and CNN, said in a statement, “We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking journey by creating a network that is not only widely accessible but also a hub for diverse, engaging content.” It is our hope that Merit Street will lead the way among networks in providing top-notch programming on a variety of platforms.

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Merit Street has distribution to over 65 million homes in the US according to the Trinity Broadcasting arrangement. Though it is less than three months away from its projected premiere date. The firm has not revealed any programming other than Dr. Phil Primetime.

In November, McGraw made the announcement of Merit Street Media, promising to provide viewers with “essential news and entertainment.” The business will have its headquarters at a brand-new broadcast hub in Forth Worth, Texas.

In introducing the network, McGraw remarked. “I absolutely love talking to real people about real problems. People who aren’t just complaining but are actively looking for real solutions to better their lives.” “Our basic principles and American families are being attacked. I adore this nation and think that the family is the foundation of our culture. We’re going to stand strong as a nation, defend America’s integrity, and put important things back on course.


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