People are chatting about a picture of a Cybertruck after it was seen being towed by a standard pickup truck.

Thus far, Tesla’s Cybertruck has garnered interest due to its unique design and potential safety issues with its construction.

However, after seeing a picture of one of the angular cars in need of a tow, more individuals have joined in.

The Cybertruck is shown in the picture sliding down a slight hill that has some snow on it.

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There’s a hill, but it’s not very steep or dangerous, and the snow doesn’t seem to be that deep.

A Ford pickup truck with a tow line that extends to the front of the disabled Cybertruck is visible in the background at this time.

In a video, the Cybertruck’s wheels can be seen spinning impotently as it tries to gain any traction while wearing off-road tires and a tow.

The footage was uploaded to Instagram with a statement stating that a software error apparently caused traction control problems for the ‘RC’ version of the car.

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Furthermore, the caption clarified that the car lacked recovery or pickup points, which would have facilitated the procedure of assisting the truck.

The footage might make Tesla look bad because the two companies’ trucks have been the subject of a tit for tat feud on social media.

The CEO of Tesla shared a video of a Cybertruck towing a Ford F-150, while the CEO of Ford shared a video of a Ford F-150 navigating a challenging test hill that a Cybertruck had seemed to have trouble with.

Individuals were ready to express their opinions about the regrettable circumstance.

“Is the [Ford] F-150 recovery truck included in the Founders edition?” was the comment one user wrote when they shared an image from the movie on Reddit.

A few hurried to defend the Cybertruck.

Someone wrote: “Just finding the limits, a software tweak and it all good.”

Another remarked, “This RC prototype didn’t have right software for off road conditions.”

However, others didn’t hesitate to jump on board upon witnessing the pricey Cybertruck overheat in settings that seemed manageable.

“You got it backwards, bud,” one person quipped. The Cyberbeast is about to bring its prey in for the kill, having recently caught it.”

“Cybertruck can become stuck off road in 2.6 seconds,” another user said. quicker than any earthly truck.”

Another posted something even more critical, saying: “This doesn’t seem like the kind of situation that calls for a tow recovery.

If there wasn’t enough snow to make it up that grade, I would be quite ashamed. I would quit paying my $120,000 check if I saw this.”

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for an answer.


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