A “musical diary” by Jeremy Renner is scheduled to be released on the first anniversary of his snowplough accident.

A year after being ran over by his own snowplough, the Avengers star revealed over the weekend that his “new musical diary,” Wait, will be released on January 1.

He captioned his Instagram post, “New musical diary – story of life, death, recovery, all things learned along the way,” “Await the first of January. I’m eager to tell you more things. #laketahoe #waitforme.”

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The 52-year-old also revealed the image from Wait’s cover, which featured him sitting on a dock’s edge and encircling what looked to be his daughter Ava, 10, with his arm around her.

Wait’s status as an album or song was not made clear by Renner.

He hinted to the publication of Love and Titanium, a set of songs, in October. The songs were meant to commemorate the turning points in his recuperation from the near-fatal accident that left him with more than thirty shattered bones.

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“A selection of songs we composed that highlight several turning points in my recuperation process since January 1st of this year. For me to produce Love and Titanium has been difficult, incredibly healing, and ultimately cathartic,” Renner wrote at the time. “I hope I get the courage to share with you all.”

The title of the collection alludes to a statement the actor made earlier this year during an interview with ABC News.

He remarked of his accident, “I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience.” “But I’ve been refuelled and refilled with love and titanium.”

Although Renner’s acting career is his most well-known accomplishment, in 2020 he released two EPs: The Medicine and Live For Now.


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