The current legal situation of YNW Melly has been overlooked by many fans due to the recent attention given to Young Thug and the YSL RICO case.

Years have passed as the rapper has been detained for the outcome of his well-publicized double murder trial. He was arrested in 2019 for two killings that occurred in 2018, and the case is still pending a verdict. Melly’s first trial also ended in July of this year with the declaration of a mistrial.

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YNW Pretrial procedures are in progress, and Melly’s second double murder trial is scheduled to start in February. The prosecution is attempting to add a ton of new evidence to the case in a recent motion that they filed. The prosecution requested that 55 songs, 18 audio files, 14 YouTube videos, and 4 album covers be admitted as evidence in the retrial, according to The Fader. Among these is the terrible title of Melly’s biggest hit, “Murder On My Mind.” As a result, a decision about the quantity of material that will be admitted into evidence has not yet been made. See below for further information about the prosecution’s efforts.

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Rappers’ lyrics being used against them in court has long been a contentious issue. Young Thug was involved in the YSL RICO trial in the most recent incident. Numerous rap artists and hundreds of thousands of fans protested the ruling when it was revealed that parts of Thug’s lyrics had been found admissible in court.

The rapper Melly has had a difficult period between her first and second trials. He had to stay behind bars until his second trial after being denied bond once more. As a result, he has been detained by the police for nearly five years while they await the outcome of his trial. His second trial was supposed to begin in October, but it has been postponed multiple times. What are your thoughts on YNW Melly’s lyrics and music videos possibly being used against him in court? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.


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