After declaring she would “never return to the music industry,” Britney Spears has now disclosed her future professional goals.

It took Spears six years to release any new music until 2022, and since then, fans have been anxiously awaiting word of her upcoming project.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the Britney Army will hear from Spears anytime soon, if at all. The celebrity took to social media to clarify why she doesn’t currently have any plans to release any new music.

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In 2022, Spears and Elton John collaborated on a duet version of his 1971 song “Tiny Dancer,” titled “Hold Me Closer.”

The singer excitedly posted on social media at the moment, writing, “Okie dokie… my first song in half a decade! I’m singing with one of the greatest guys of all time—@eltonofficial—and it’s pretty darn fantastic!

I feel a little overwhelmed. I think it’s really important! I’m learning to meditate more and appreciate how precious and vital my space is.

“I’m learning everyday is a clean slate to try and be a better person and do what makes me happy … yes I choose happiness today.”

It appears, though, that Spears has decided she is no longer as satisfied creating her own music.

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Yesterday, January 3, the celebrity clarified on her Instagram page that “most of the news is trash” and that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up thinking that she is working on a new record.

The post’s title reads, “They keep saying I’m turning to random people to do a new album,” and it features an image of a Guido Reni painting. I’m never going back to work in the music business!

“I write for enjoyment or for other people when I write!!! Even for those of you who have read my book, there are a lot of things about me that you are unaware of. In the last two years, I’ve composed more than 20 songs for other artists! Being a ghostwriter is something I genuinely love doing!

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People are also claiming that my book was illegally released without my consent, but that is untrue. Have you recently read the news? I’m extremely fortunate and loved!”

Supporters of the celebrity have descended upon X, formerly known as Twitter, where they have expressed their heartbreak at learning that she has no intention of “returning to the music industry.”

A member on X said, “Ik it sad she was so damn good.”

Something like, “Cue the sad Hannah Montana transition music,” said another.

Three people said, “Heartbreaking but understandable.”

Hopefully settled, the last statement was, “Highly doubt that’s true, she has so much left to offer.”


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