This week’s Chiefs vs. Dolphins wildcard game is predicted to be among the coldest in NFL history.

In Kansas City, daytime highs are expected to reach 12 degrees. But because the game is scheduled to start at 7 p.m., it might be as cold as -3 when play gets underway. Additionally, a significant amount of wind chill is anticipated. This could have a significant impact on the team’s tactics and the game. However, everyone will want to wrap up warm.

It would rank as the fifth-coldest playoff game ever if the mercury drops below -3. The “Ice Bowl” in 1967 holds the record with a game-time temperature of -13 and a wind chill of -48. However, Miami might have issues because of the chilly temperature. Since Christmas Eve 2016, the Dolphins have not prevailed in a game held in temperatures below 40 degrees. If forecast temps materialize, this Saturday’s game will be the coldest in Dolphins history.

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Reports, however, point to a reorganization at The Pat McAfee Show. The Pat McAfee Show’s weekly segment featuring Aaron Rodgers will not air during the NFL playoffs, the host has said. The Athletic reports that McAfee made this choice on his own initiative rather than under an ESPN order. The information was released following Rodgers’ adamant refusal to offer an apology to Jimmy Kimmel during his appearance on January 9. Rodgers contended that he never really made any particular claims about Kimmel, despite his insinuation that Kimmel did not want the list of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

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Following Rodgers’ first remarks, McAfee made an effort to mend fences between the enduring adversaries. McAfee stated that everyone concerned should move on and that Rodgers’ remarks were “certainly probably just a sh-t talk joke” in response to Rodgers’ allegations regarding Jimmy Kimmel. McAfee did acknowledge that he could understand Kimmel’s strongly held reaction, though. This week, Kimmel continued to mock Rodgers, focusing his January 8 monologue on the injured quarterback.


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