It’s possible that Steve Harvey chose to ignore Katt Williams’ recent criticism of him.

Harvey tells the audience in a Jan. 7 Twitter/X post that shows the host of Family Feud on-set that it’s never necessary to defend oneself from naysayers.

“No, you don’t have to tell anyone anything. You just need to be who you are. He began, “You don’t have to open your mouth,” and then cited Psalms 23:5. “He always sets the table in front of my enemies,” the speaker said. All my haters? I’m not required to say anything to them. They got TV. They have seven days a week to turn off their TV. All that animosity? “Dude, he’s on there.”

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The former talk show host continued by saying that people only attract enemies when they are good at what they do, which makes other people envious. He also thinks that the devil can send hateful people to oppose God’s efforts to elevate you.

He said, “God is about to do something, and the devil is throwing in opposition,” but he doesn’t mention the person who was “really attacking me right now.”

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“I’m being pursued by someone who is really attacking me right now, man. They will need to go on, so I’m simply waiting to see what God will do.Nothing can stop what God has planned for you.

Harvey said, “You don’t have to address your haters,” as a caption for the video. Look it over below.

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Williams attacked a number of his colleagues last week when he appeared on the Club Shay Shay podcast. He claimed that Harvey had stolen the idea for his 1990s sitcom The Steve Harvey Show from Mark Curry’s Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper.

“The same Steve who watched Mark Curry do his entire sitcom and then pilfered all that Mark Curry owned…Now Steve got a sitcom where he’s the principal and he wears a suit,” Williams told host Shannon Sharpe before insulting Harvey’s skills as an actor and claims he never wanted to be a movie star.

“You couldn’t star in movies…Hollywood receives 30,000 new screenplay submissions annually. Not one of them requested a Black guy who looks like Mr. Potato Head and is a country bumpkin who can’t talk well. There isn’t any. Range is a must.

After fellow “King of Comedy” Cedric The Entertainer, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Rickey Smiley, and others, Harvey is the most recent celebrity to respond to Williams.


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