Showtime had a rebranding this week. Showtime and Paramount+ are the new names.

This is the same name as the premium bundle of the Paramount+ streaming service but, as of right now, does not include Paramount+. Rather, the old Showtime networks are the only thing available with the YouTube TV Paramount+ with Showtime add-on. (Remember: The Paramount+ streaming subscription is not included.)

The Showtime TV Network will now be known as Paramount+ with Showtime, according to a statement made by Paramount last month. This comes after it was announced in early 2023 that the Paramount+ app will incorporate the SHOWTIME streaming apps and shut down. The TV Network has now changed its name, and Paramount+ content has been added to the app.

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Showtime Originals like A Gentleman in Moscow, The Department, which George Clooney executive produced, and The Woman in the Wall, along with the critically acclaimed and culturally transformative Showtime hits like Fellow Travelers, The Chi, The Curse, Yellowjackets, and Your Honor, will continue to air on the newly rebranded network. When the network rebrands, it will also feature Paramount+ programs, such as Wolf Pack (S1), Star Trek: Discovery (S1-4), Taylor Sheridan’s Mayor of Kingstown (S1-2), and Halo (S1).

If you subscribe to the recently renamed Paramount+ with Showtime channel, you may get free Paramount+ from a number of services, including DIRECTV, Spectrum, Hulu, and DIRECTV STREAM. As of right now, YouTube TV has not made it known whether or not channel subscribers will also get free Paramount+ streaming.

The monthly cost of Paramount+ with Showtime network on YouTube TV is $10.99. The monthly cost of the Showtime streaming subscription, Paramount+, is $11.99.

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Be cautious if you have a Paramount+ subscription that includes Showtime via some platforms, such as YouTube TV. Although it is less costly, it isn’t as comprehensive as the Paramount+ streaming service in terms of material. The YouTube TV live channel does not currently feature programming that is exclusive to the Paramount+ streaming service, but it does offer on-demand access to shows from the former Showtime TV network.

This week’s renaming of Showtime TV to Paramount+ with Showtime and the Paramount+ streaming service, which also offers a Paramount+ with Showtime plan, has caused confusion. There is a second TV network named Paramount, which only serves to further complicate matters.

Therefore, be sure to do your homework and understand what you are subscribing to in order to obtain the stuff you want.


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