Drew Carey claims that he made two attempts at suicide when he was younger and that he still seems to have some extremely gloomy ideas about dying.

In a recent interview with Chris Wallace, the host of “The Price Is Right” spoke up about his battles with depression and mental health. Drew disclosed that he had tried suicide twice in the past, once when he was 18 and again in his 20s.

Drew says that the first time he attempted this was at a fraternity party. “I was furious that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. That is something I recall. As I remember, I was like, ‘What the heck are they so pleased about?’ as I was walking down the stairs and watching everyone drinking.

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He continues by saying he became enraged by the happiness of the people around and declared he was sick of life, wondering to himself… “Who’s gonna miss me?”

DC acknowledges that he still occasionally fights off those depressing ideas.

Drew clarifies, saying, “I still have a lot of it. Like, who’s going to miss me kind of thing. I find myself thinking to myself a lot. I mean, my body will just be burned if I pass away. No burial and nothing related to all of my keepsakes and mementos. You can simply dispose of them by burning them. Like, who gives a damn?” Notably, he claims to be in a better situation right now.

Even yet, it sounds like Drew is still trying to strike the right balance, and he’s pretty forthright about it.