Foolio’s opponents aren’t keeping quiet.

Yungeen Ace, who had been feuding with Foolio for years, released a new song called “Do It” mere hours after the Florida rapper’s death was announced. “Catch his ass and do his ass, you know he’s finished,” Ace raps at one point in the song. Foolio was shot and killed outside a Holiday Inn while celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa, Florida, over the weekend.

The feud between Ace and Foolio has lasted several years. It comes from a rivalry between Ace’s ATK and Foolio’s KTA. There have been multiple gunshots, with victims from both sides of the conflict. Ace cooperated on “Who I Smoke” in 2021, where he reveals the names of various Foolio associates who had died. Foolio answered with “When I See You,” a clip from a news team’s coverage of Ace’s brother’s murder.

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Lewis Fusco, Foolio’s lawyer, verified the details of his client’s death in an Instagram statement posted on Sunday. He said, “Mr. Jones had been in Tampa to celebrate his birthday over the weekend.” According to law enforcement investigations, he initially stayed at an Airbnb but was ordered to leave after violating occupancy limitations. He later moved to the Holiday Inn, where he was allegedly accosted in the parking lot. While law enforcement has reported the events surrounding our client, Mr. Charles Jones, we are unable to speak further until additional details become public record. We respectfully urge that Mr. Jones’ and his family’s privacy be respected during this difficult time.

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Before Ace released “Do It,” Charleston White made headlines for his disrespectful reaction to Foolio’s death. In a social media video, he joked about where he died. He said that the artist “worked hard to die.”