Rick Ross doesn’t seem concerned about last night’s actions, telling TMZ that “Vancouver is a beautiful city and he can’t wait to go back.”

He also maintains that no one on his squad was seriously injured as a result of the brawl… is everything fair in the 2024 Rap Wars?

Rick Ross had a terrible night at his gig in Canada, engaging into a physical conflict with a gentleman and sparking a melee that was captured on camera.

It all began following the rapper’s performance at Vancouver’s Ignite Music Festival on Sunday. Around 10:30 p.m., Rick walked offstage into a packed area and got into a furious disagreement with other males about their decision to finish the show with Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” single playing in the background.

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We’re told that a group of approximately 15 guys approached Rick and formed a human wall, preventing him and his crew from moving around them.

TMZ received video of the verbal altercation between the two parties, which saw Rick having a heated conversation with one of the males. It quickly escalated into violence.

Check out the video; the guy arguing with Rick suddenly slugs him in the area surrounding his head, forcing liquid from his drink to fly into the air. From our vantage position, it’s difficult to see whether Rick was punched straight in the face.

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The two groups got into a battle, which resulted in numerous men severely kicking and hitting another individual with their fists.

According to our sources, the fight eventually ended and everyone parted ways.

It is unclear what prompted the attack, or whether anyone was hurt or apprehended. We’ve contacted the authorities for an update.

We don’t know what happened to Rick either. We called his representative, who did not have any comments.

Drake, also known as “champagnepapi,” responded by liking a post on X about Rick’s assault.