According to Scott Koondel, CEO of Sox Entertainment, all 211 U.S. TV markets have approved Judy Justice, Amazon Freevee’s streaming court series starring Judge Judy Sheindlin.

This information was released on Thursday. On September 9, the show is scheduled to debut on TV station groups that include Coastal, News Press, Marquee, Weigel Broadcasting, Morgan Murphy Media, Hearst Television, Sunbeam Television, Sinclair, Tegna, Nexstar Media Group, E.W. Scripps, and News Press.

According to a statement from Scott Koondel, CEO of Sox Entertainment and executive producer of Judy Justice, “the broadcast marketplace has fully embraced the innovation of the streaming-to-broadcast syndication model by clearing Judy Justice in the most competitive marketplace.”

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Koondel stated in January that stations from the top 100 markets in the US, including Nexstar, Sunbeam, Cox Media, Weigel, and Mission Broadcasting, have purchased the program.

Additionally, Sox sold the program to Citytv, a division of Rogers Sports & Media in Canada.

The show’s national barter advertising will be sold by Trifecta Entertainment & Media, which also debuted a new syndicated true-crime series on Thursday called Crime Exposé with Nancy O’Dell, according to Koondel. Stations have purchased Judy Justice on an all-barter basis, with the stations keeping the money from the sale of local advertising time.

In November 2021, Judy Justice made her Amazon Freevee debut. In the courtroom with Judge Sheindlin are bailiff Kevin Rasco, a retired Los Angeles probation officer; court stenographer Whitney Kumar, a board-certified court reporter in the state of California; and Sarah Rose, her granddaughter and recently admitted attorney. The third season of the show debuted recently on Freevee and Prime Video, and more fresh episodes will be added this autumn.

Sheindlin also introduced Amazon Freevee to the panel court series Tribunal Justice. It is anticipated that the program, starring Judges Patricia DiMango, Tanya Ackner, and Adam Levy, Sheindlin’s son, will be televised in syndication in the fall of 2026.