The legal action taken by Australia’s internet watchdog against Elon Musk’s social media platform X over the distribution of videos showing a stabbing at a Sydney church has been dropped.

The commissioner gave X the order in April to conceal 65 posts that showed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel being stabbed during a livestreamed service at the Assyrian Christ the Good Shepherd church in Wakeley, a Sydney suburb.

The Federal Court action against X, formerly known as Twitter, was discontinued on Wednesday, according to an announcement made by the eSafety Commissioner. The case was started in April.

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The argument focused on the platform’s refusal to take down footage of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel being attacked on April 15 during a sermon that was streamed live and was still viewable by Australian users.

Commissioner Julie Inman-Grant released a statement saying, “Today I have decided to consolidate action concerning my Class 1 removal notice to X Corp in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.”

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“After assessing a number of factors, including the possibility of litigation in several cases, I have determined that this course of action is most likely to result in the best conclusion for the online safety of all Australians, including children.

Consequently, I have chosen to end the Federal Court case against X Corp,” she declared.

While the commissioner holds her position, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal will consider Inman-Grant’s decision to provide X a notice of removal.

After X promised to challenge the notice and just restrict access to the tweets for Australian users, the eSafety commissioner requested a federal court injunction to have the tweets totally removed.