Are the Simpsons predicting the future? Surely not again.

The longest-running animated series in history has developed a reputation for accurately predicting future events.

Notable jokes on the popular show include Lady Gaga’s flying entry into the Super Bowl, the US battling murder hornets, a sickness strangely similar to Covid-19, and Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House.

Another outrageous prediction made by The Simpsons in 1996 is finally coming true this evening (10 July).

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Nearly 30 years ago, The Simpsons included a gaffe in which Cypress Hill assumed they had booked the London Symphony Orchestra while under the influence.

Cypress Hill is spotted collaborating with the London Symphony Orchestra backstage at a music festival during ‘Homerpalooza’.

In a brief scene from the play, a roadie at a music festival calls out to one of the performers to reveal who has ordered an orchestra to arrive.

He first cries, “Hello bands, who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra?” Come on people, someone ordered a London Symphony Orchestra…possibly while high,” before joking, “Cypress Hill, I am looking in your area.”

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The musicians then had a quick conversation before confessing they ‘believe’ they’ve roped in the orchestra.

This occurs before they ask the audience if they recognize their track, ‘Insane in the Brain’.

Perhaps the most improbable music duet decides to ‘give it a shot’ and then performs a fantastic rendition of the song.

And that exact joke becomes a reality in the UK tonight, when fans can see the California collective perform songs from Black Sunday, their 1990s album, and other tracks with the LSO at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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“We are happy to be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra at such a famous venue as the Royal Albert Hall. “It’s a dream come true, a collaboration that only The Simpsons could have imagined,” Cypress Hill stated.

Meanwhile, in a news release issued earlier this year, The Orchestra’s managing director, Kathryn McDowell DBE, congratulated The Simpsons for consistently making excellent forecasts.

She said: “After years of teasing on social media, many fans began to assume it was merely a pipe dream – but the LSO is thrilled to finally be joining Cypress Hill on stage and in person, and we look forward to creating an amazing musical movement!

“Many thanks to the creators of The Simpsons for the idea and to AEG Artistic and PolyArts for making it all happen.”